• Commercial leases (lease renewals, rent reviews, collections, notices to quit, orders to pay, proceedings for the acquisition of resolutory clauses, etc.)


  • Furnished or bare leases (residential), assistance with letting (LMNP, registration with the INPI)


  • Co-ownership (recovery of charges from unlawful co-owners, mortgages, seizures of property or rents, changes of managing agent, justification of expenses, etc.)


  • Construction


  • Summary proceeding so called "Preventive" (if you are planning work, have the condition of existing neighbouring buildings checked/ if you are summoned before the interim relief summary judge by a neigbour or a company planning work, we recommend that you contact a lawyer to assist you)


  • Summary proceedings for the appointment of a legal expert (if you are suffering from damage, seepage, poor workmanship or non-compliance in your building, don't delay in requesting the appointment of an expert to assess the damage, determine the causes and solutions and pinpoint responsabilites)


  • Acquisitions/transfers of businesses or leasehold rights (shops, hotels, etc.)


  • Audit / Due diligence for share deals or asset deals


  • Agent in property transactions


  • Auctions - Representation at public auctions / declarations of winning bidders


  • Company law.




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