The method of invoicing fees may vary depending on the nature of the service required, the complexity of your case and whether your cases are one-off or recurring.

· Invoicing by time spent

This is the most common method of invoicing. Fees are fixed on the basis of an hourly rate proposed to the clients at the first appointment, depending on the time spent processing the file, the details of the services provided (appointments, examination of documents, legal research, drafting of procedural documents, hearings, etc.) may be provided at upon request.

The hourly rate is 280 euros excl. VAT / 336 euros incl. VAT, this rate may vary depending on the difficulty of the case.

· Fixed price invoicing

Where the nature of the dispute so permits, and in the event of a repetitive case for the same client or where the duration of the procedure and the volume of services can be predicted, a fixed amount may be agreed after assessment of the work to be carried out, it being specified that this assessment is generally delicate.

For example, for a renewal of a commercial lease that does not present any particular difficulty and includes the monitoring of the annexes made mandatory by the Pinel law, the price is about 3.800 euros incl. VAT.

· Success fee

An agreement may provide for a success fee in addition to the time spent fee or the flat-rate fee.

The success fee depends on the result obtained (gain, economy, advantage).

· The first appointment

During the first appointment, we will review together the legal situation that concerns you and the alternatives available to you. We recommend that you bring the documents relating to your request (for instance, articles of association, memorandum of association if need be, lease, title deed or notarial certificate, letter, formal notice, summons to pay, bailiff's report, summons, judgment, etc.).

The first consultation will be charged 336 euros incl. VAT for approximately one hour of appointment. The fees for the services that may follow this first appointment will be fixed in advance via a fee agreement.

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